Ten top food sources for runners

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27 November 2013

Before you put on your running shoes and get into the fitness swing of things, make sure your eating plan is also on track.

Running and exercise can put a lot of stress on your body if you’re not following the correct eating plan. The following food sources are specifically aimed at runners to build and repair muscle, and boost energy.

  • Salmon

Salmon helps the heart to create more elastic blood vessels because of its high omega-3 essential fatty acid content which also helps to improve the nervous system and keep the heart healthy and happy during running.

  • Bananas

Before going for a run eat a banana – they’re packed with potassium and carbs which is a great energy boost.

  • Berries

Feeling drained and tired after a long run?  Eating berries will help the body feel less pain and soreness afterwards. They’re high in fibre, vitamin C and potassium and assist the body to repair itself naturally.  Enjoy it in a delicious smoothie or in your cereal.

  • Peanut butter

To get the necessary “fuel” for your morning run, enjoy a piece of toast with peanut butter. Peanut butter is packed with carbs and protein which is easy to digest, plus it will give you the necessary energy.

  • Wholewheat pasta

Another great source of energy is pasta. Being high in carbohydrates it can be enjoyed before or after a big race or workout. If choosing between the various pastas, go for wholewheat which contains more fibre and provides you with more energy.

  • Lean beef

Lean beef is high in protein and iron which is necessary for restoring muscle. If you’re a vegetarian good options for protein would be beans, peas, certain cereals and green vegetables such as spinach.

  • Broccoli

Keeping your overall health and performance on top form is the job of vegetables such as broccoli which is rich in vitamin C, potassium, fibre and phytochemicals.

  • Low-fat yoghurt

While running is good for bone density you’ll also need calcium to strengthen bones. A good food source high in calcium is yoghurt. At the same time it also contains protein which improves muscle growth and recovery after a run.

  • Skim milk

Not only is it high in calcium but enjoying a glass of skim milk will help those sore muscles recover. Its fast-acting carbs and proteins will help repair any tissue which got torn during your run.

  • Green tea

With high levels of antioxidants, green tea helps to increase muscle capacity to burn fat while running or doing exercise. It also minimises the damage to muscles tissue and increases your metabolism levels to get the most out of a good run.

Source: Fitness Adviser

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