Terminally ill teens huge disappointment at Ed Sheeran concert

By Nombulelo Manyana
06 May 2017

She traveled 600 miles from her home in Scotland to London to see her hero perform.

A terminally ill cancer patient who was given months to live was turned away from an Ed Sheeran concert after a con artists sold her mother fake tickets.

Dion Yates (18) traveled 600 miles from her home in Scotland to London to see her hero perform but was told at the door she could not enter.

Her mother Kerry Yates (39) had bought the R 10 482.76 (£600) VIP tickets to cross off one of the events which was written on her daughters bucket list.

Dion, who has a terminal sarcoma diagnosis and just months to live, queued up excitedly outside the O2 Arena gig with her mom, sister Jacy (20) and friend Holly Abbott. But their dream night turned into a nightmare when they got to the door and the operator informed her that the tickets were not real.

He apologised before adding that he had seen a quite a few of them that evening.

Kerry bought the tickets on Gumtree after the gig was sold out and family friend who lives in London met up with the seller to collect the tickets and everything seemed to be in order.

The tickets looked official and even came with a forged Ticketmaster receipt and a doctored version of the conman's bank balance so it looked like he had bought the tickets legitimately.

Dion was first diagnosed in April 2014 when she went to doctors with a painful leg. They initially thought it was a sporting injury because she was a former kickboxer.

But it was later found to be a tumour in her pelvis and she has since undergone surgery as well as chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

According to The Mirror, the person even sent the mother a message after the tickets were handed over to her friend who picked them up.

He wrote: 'That's the tickets picked up. I'm so pleased these have gone to you and not to a ticket tout and I hope your daughter has a fantastic time x.'

Kerry shared a post on her Facebook, expressing her disappointment and disgust by what happened.

According to Daily Mail, a Gumtree spokeswoman urged customers to take extra caution when buying tickets on their but said Dion and Kerry had fallen victim to a 'sophisticated fraudster'.

"It is heart breaking to hear of Kerry and Dion’s experience. This was an elaborate scam from a sophisticated fraudster who went to great lengths to make the scam convincing."

Source: Daily Mail. The Sun. The Mirror.

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