Terrifying moment axe-wielding burglar goes on a rampage in jewellery store

By Petrus Malherbe
07 December 2015

Shoppers were horrified when a crazed man wielding an axe stormed a jewellery store in the Chinese town of Heshan earlier this month.

The suspected robber stormed into a jewellery shop and began to chop the display counters to pieces. The incident was filmed by closed-circuit TV cameras, which showed shocked shop assistants gaping as the man, identified only as Haung, chopped a display counter open and grabbed jewellery.

But the man didn’t get away. One of the shop assistants managed to grab him from behind and pin him to the ground. The police arrived a while later and arrested him.

He’s being held by the police while the case in investigated.

Sources: Daily Mail; en.people.cn

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