Terrorised by Tannie Manda

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26 November 2010

Blue Bull Deon Helberg, in hiding after an alleged murder plot by the ‘obsessed’ mom of his ex-girlfriend, tells of months of harassment by her...

YOU secured an exclusive interview with Blue Bulls rugby player Deon Helberg who retreated to a secret location after dramatic revelations of a plot to have him murdered, allegedly hatched by Manda Reyneke, mother of his former girlfriend.

In conversation with us he mentions her name only once – to him she’s still ‘‘tannie’’ Manda, the woman from Middelburg who showered him with gifts when he began dating model Jalien in his matric year.

She was arrested in a police sting operation after a faked murder scene was set up, photographed and SMSed to her.

Reyneke (47) apparently became obsessed with the handsome rugby player, tried to draw him into a sexual relationship and harassed his friends.

He says the harassment started two years ago after he’d made it clear to her that her sexual advances were unwelcome.

‘‘I don’t know how to explain it,’’ he says.

‘‘She wanted to do things . . . she said if I didn’t do what she told me to I wouldn’t be allowed to see Jalien any more. I told her it was bizarre and I wasn’t interested.’’

He still too embarrassed to discuss the harassment in detail but says Reyneke’s behaviour contributed to the breakdown of his relationship with her daughter.

‘‘She made things difficult for us. She was very jealous.’’

Deon denies he was ever intimate with Reyneke but acknowledges she was very generous to him, often giving him gifts without asking if he needed or wanted them.

‘‘She often told me she knew she needed help but as far as I know she did nothing to get it,’’ Deon says. ‘‘I hope for her family’s sake they find out what’s wrong.’’

Reyneke has appeared in court and was released on bail.

*Read the full interview in the 2 December 2010 issue of YOU.

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