Thai man busted impersonating police officer to meet women

By admin
18 June 2014

Some women love a man in uniform, but this Thai impersonator couldn't quite pull off dressing as a police officer.

A Thai man was arrested for impersonating a police officer to meet women, police confirmed Wednesday. The 33-year-old was detained in a suburb of the capital late Monday, a Bangkok police officer told dpa by phone. Yutthana Suriya was dressed in full uniform complete with a real handgun and carrying authentic police ID at the time of his arrest, news website M Thai reported, citing a police press conference Tuesday. He had been masquerading as a police officer for some time, including on social networking website Facebook, using the status to befriend and meet women, the report said. The alarm was raised by a genuine policeman befriended by Yutthana while in uniform, who grew suspicious of his identity. The suspect faces charges of impersonating an officer of the law, and of carrying an unlicensed firearm. After his arrest he said he had always been a keen fan of the police and had even attempted the force's recruitment examination. "I always thought police uniforms looked cool and it was a good way to meet women. I never intended to commit a criminal offence," he was quoted by the report as saying.


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