'That baby would rather be dead': Police release footage of woman grabbing baby by the throat

By Samantha Luiz
19 February 2015

Police in London have released CCTV footage showing a woman walk into a pharmacy, reach into a pram and grab a baby by the throat.

The video shows an unidentified woman wearing a poncho and a deerstalker enter Boots, a pharmacy chain in the UK. She walks up to a mother standing next to her baby’s pram.

When the mother turns away for a second, the woman reaches into the pram saying “that baby would rather be dead.”

‘That baby doesn’t deserve to be alive’

Upon this, the mother of the baby boy grabbed the attacker‘s hand and pushed her away. The woman is seen being removed from the pharmacy by a security guard.

“The security guard then came and asked what was going on and the woman said something like ‘that baby doesn't deserve to be alive’. The security guard then kicked her out. She would not make any eye contact,” said the store manager.

The baby was not injured. Police attribute the baby’s well-being to the mother’s quick reaction. She told police that she thought the woman was “going to just look and fuss over her baby”.

The workers recall how terrified the mother was.

“Another woman nearby intervened to help get her off. The mother was really calm about it at first but then she broke down into tears because it was so terrible. She was distraught about it. Then the police came. “

Police hope the release video will help them trace the culprit.

Sources: mirror.co.uk, independent.co.uk

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