That kiss . . .

By admin
29 April 2011

At 2,47pm, the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge stepped out on to the royal balcony at Buckingham Palace for the globally awaited first kiss -- but if you blinked, you would have missed it.

After a brief bit of waving to the hundreds of thousands of people gathered to watch, William leaned over and gave Kate a brief peck, before turning his attention to the skies to watch a fly-by demonstration by the Royal Air Force, led by a WWII Lancaster bomber, flanked by antique Hurricane and Spitfire fighters, and more modern Tornado and Typhoon jet aircraft.

Is William more interested in the aircraft than he is in his blushing bride? What are your thoughts...?

Whaaaaaaat? THAT was THE kiss?  tweeted Lee-Ann Liebenberg within seconds. There was a second kiss a few moments later – this time slightly longer, but still no passionate smooch.

The pair are are officially known as the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, but what is their real, married surname?

Well, Prince William's full name has been penned into the wedding registry as William Mountbatten-Windsor, and Kate is now also an official carrier of the royal double-barrel surname.

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