That moment Ashton Kutcher shares your video on Facebook

By Kirstin Buick
23 March 2016

It's not just SA who can't get enough of The Voice contestant Vernon Barnard.

It's not just SA who can't get enough of The Voice contestant Vernon Barnard!

Ashton Kutcher somehow came across the blind contestant's tearjerking performance on the local reality show and shared it on his website and Facebook page.

"What do you think of his performance?' Ashton commented on Facebook, sharing the link to his story on the site.


"His thundering performance of One Direction's "Story of My Life" stunned coach Bobby van Jaarsveld," Aplus writer K.S. Anthony gushed, " who was first to turn around, surprising his fellow coaches by leaping onto his chair."

The Friends with Benefits star's post has already been shared hundreds of times on Facebook.

Ashton's interest in Vernon had his friends and family in raptures.

"That moment when you see Ashton Kutcher, the Hollywood actor, posts your cousin's video on Facebook!" Biance Van Rensburg Fourie wrote on Facebook. "Say whaaaaaaat!"

Even The Voice coach Karen Zoid was over the moon. "Yay South Africa! Yay Strand! Yay Vernon!" the local star shared.


The 22-year-old has been a sensation since he first appeared on the show last month, which saw him join Bobby's team.

“I didn’t hear the chair turning but knew from the audience’s reaction that someone had turned around for me,” Vernon said of Bobby's reaction on the show.

It was the sincerity in Vernon’s voice that struck him, Bobby tells YOU. “Many people can sing but you don’t always hear sincerity in their voice.”

“I don’t cry easily,” he added. “It’s not something I experience often so it was weird to realise I was crying in front of all those people.”

Despite all the fuss, Vernon, who was born with glaucoma, a condition that damages the optic nerve, says he’s not interested in sympathy votes.

He doesn’t need doors opened for him out of pity. He’s been opening those doors with his voice ever since he started singing at the age of 19.

“I’m in The Voice because people think my voice is good,” he says. “If I’m an inspiration, that’s a bonus.”

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