The 10 best reactions to Leonardo Dicaprio's Oscars win

By Samantha Luiz
29 February 2016

The memes are pure gold.

It's safe to say that 2016 might actually be Leonardo Dicaprio's year.

After five nominations, the actor finally struck gold at the 2016 Oscars as he was named Best Actor for The Revenant. Read more: ‘I do not take tonight for granted!’ Leonardo DiCaprio just won his first Oscar As you can imagine, the highly anticipated moment almost broke the internet. Here are 10 of the best reactions. 1. Sixth time's the charm.

2. The real MVP.
3. How Leo is sleeping tonight. Only it's tears of joy.
4. Monday blues? Not here!
5. Yeah, us too.
6. Even Kanye knows what's up.
7. "Don't let go, Jack."
8. To be fair, we can't scold Leo for this one.
9. Oh, what a glorious moment.
10. Our hearts can now go on.

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