The 10 richest athletes in the world

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27 December 2015

Sex scandal? Not a problem when you're worth $700 Million.

These athletes are the top of the log when it comes to cold hard cash.

Michael Jordan ($1 billion)

Known as the greatest basketball player of all time, most of the 52 ­year ­old's worth is thought to come from endorsements such as Nike and NBA franchise ventures.

Michael Schumacher ($800 million)

Despite his current medical condition, the retired seven-­time world champion is widely considered the most successful Formula One driver of all time.

Tiger Woods ($700 million)

While he suffered a career setback after his sex scandal of 2009 the 40­ year­ old still pulls in a salary of over $100 million with his golf winnings and endorsements.

Arnold Palmer ($675 million)

The 82-­year­-old American golfer is not only known for his wins, but for his company, Arnold Palmer Design Company which has created hundreds of golf courses. His line of iced tea by Aizona is also worth $200 million.

Floyd Mayweather ($650 million)

The American boxing champ is widely considered one of the best of his era thanks to his killer combination of speed, power and natural instincts.

Roger Staubach ($600 million)

The former gridiron star made millions leading his team, The Cowboys, to Super Bowl victories, but the 72 ­year old went on to make even more in property.

Magic Johnson ($500 million)

Another basketball legend the 56­ year old is also a highly successful businessman who along with a string of movie theatres owns stakes in several major sports teams.

David Beckham ($350 million)

Next to his success on the football field, the 40 -year -old pinup has earned millions through endorsement deals such as Adidas and Calvin Klein.

Shaquille O’Neal ($350 million)

Most of the 43-year-old basketball star-­turned-entrepreneur’s wealth was accumulated throughout his 20-­year NBA career plus endorsements. He’s now a NBA commentator.

Roger Federer ($320 million)

The 34­-year­-old tennis champ rakes in millions thanks to his many court wins and his lucrative endorsement deals that include Nike and luxury champagne Moet et Chandon.

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