'The angels in Heaven are rejoicing': Brothers' heartrending letter to beloved Mundolene

By Jana Smit
14 October 2016

"You are always in my heart – even the way you always ate everyone’s food. "

Mike Vosloo and his two sons (11 and 14 years old) were among the pallbearers who carried their beloved daughter and sister’s yellowwood coffin at the NG Church Presidents in Springs for her memorial service.

At the front of the church was a photo of Mundolene (17), his darling daughter, his “Wyntjie” in a yellow sundress. Her classmates and family wept as pictures of her were displayed on a big screen.


Mundolene died last week on the vacation island of Mauritius after she was allegedly hit by her stepmother, Marietjie.

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Marietjie is currently in custody after being charged with manslaughter.

This is the touching tribute that Mundolene’s brothers gave:

“Sussie, I will always love you very much. You are my everything. I miss you and you were always the only one who stood up to the boys who looked for trouble with me and sorted them out and I am so, so, so, so grateful for the time you could be in our lives and you will always be in our hearts and we wish you could be here with us.

"But you’re in a better place and I am grateful for wonderful messages you sent for me from heaven and I miss and love you so much my guardian angel and my sister. Love you lots and RIP and I love you very much. But the angels in heaven are rejoicing. Make them dance and that’s all - LOVE you sussie.” – Boetie (11)

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“My sussie. I will always love you and will always remember you. When you’d laugh so loud I’d cower while trying to hide away from you. Ai my sis, I don’t have words.

"Your laugh, your craziness, your music. I will miss that very much you are always in my heart – even the way you always ate everyone’s food. I love you very much and I will miss you so much. I feel so empty without you but I will never forget you.” – Boetie (14)

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