The awful way a man discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him – with his own father

By Kirstin Buick
12 January 2016

A man has gone public with his heartbreak after discovering his girlfriend was having an affair with his own father.

The unknown user posted photos of messages on a phone on the image sharing site 4Chan, claiming they showed a conversation between his dad and his girlfriend. "Just found out my girlfriend has been having sex with my Dad. He left his phone at the house while he's at work," he captioned the shots. "All messages discussing how she's his 'dirty little secret'. Nudes and everything, what do I do? I'm broken." 

The man claims his girlfriend even sent his father nude photos. PHOTO: Imgur The man claims his girlfriend even sent his father nude photos. PHOTO: Imgur

The conversation shows his father initiating the steamy conversation with, "Alright gorgeous?" to which she responds, "We shouldn't really be talking."

He responded with: "I no babe, I just can't stop thinkin about u or last nite xxxx" before asking her to send him a nude photo. She does.

After posting the initial photos, the 4Chan user updated the curious community by saying, "Been on the phone to my mum explaining the situation. Had to upload the photos to my comp. Sorry for bad quality." He promised to keep them informed as he confronted his girlfriend on Facebook Messenger and was as good as his word -- he later uploaded screen shots of their entire conversation. At first, the girlfriend denies any knowledge of what he was accusing her of, but eventually breaks down and begs for forgiveness. "It was only once I was waiting for you to get back with **** remember and then your dad just sat next to me and we spoke a bit and stuff and i dont kknow," she messaged him, after he appears to be ignoring her calls.

"He kissed me and it was just quite casual i would have told you about it obviously. Your dad isn't like a normal dad. It wasn't for long or anything."

"You know its not anything It was an accident and he pressured me lots."

"I love you to much please answer me. Talk to me bout it we can get past it."

It's not clear how the conversation ended.

Sources: Imgur, MailOnline, Daily Mirror

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