The beautifully tragic moment horse bids farewell to dying owner outside hospital

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13 November 2014

The last wish of Sheila Marsh (77), who was suffering from terminal cancer, was realised when she was wheeled outside at the Wigan Royal Infirmary to say a last farewell to her horse, Bronwen.

A photograph has been issued in which the horse is holding her nose against her owner. Bronwen was specially brought to the hospital to say goodbye to her owner.

'She derived comfort from it and it was a beautiful moment'

Sheila had six horses, three dogs and three cats, among other animals.

After one of her dogs was brought to the hospital for her to say farewell last weekend, she told hospital staff she wished she could say goodbye to her darling horse Bronwen, whom she’d taken care of for 25 years.

The staff arranged for Bronwen and another horse to be brought to the hospital parking lot and nurses wheeled Sheila to the lot in her bed.

Her daughter, Tina Marsh, said, “I cried my eyes out and so did all the nurses. She derived comfort from it and it was a beautiful moment.

“Her condition hadn’t improved and the hospital allowed us to bring in Bronwen. She died hours later. I want to thank the hospital and nurses.”

Sources: BBC News, Daily Mail, Sky News

- Wilmer Muller

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