The best hairstyle for you

By admin
28 October 2014

Find the style that best suits your face shape. How to determine your face shape Draw back all your hair in a ponytail. If your hair is too short, wet it and pull it back. Then stand near a mirror and outline your face on it lipstick or eye pencil. If your face is square

Hair 1

A basic style like a bob that lightly curls away from your face and softens the sharp corners of your jaw. -          You can make your face look rounder by emphasizing your cheekbones. Try Anne Hathaway’s drawn-back style or hair blow-dried away from the face. -          If your hair is cut in layers and is shoulder length or shorter, you can comb it to one side and let some hang around your face. If you have a round face

Hair 2

A style that gives height to your head and makes your face look longer and narrower. -          Smooth, pulled-back hair like Mila Kunis’ makes your face look narrower because it keeps the big chunks of hair away from your cheeks. -          If your hair is chin length or longer, comb a centre parting. If your face is heart shaped

Hair 3 A long style with layers that fall down your neck between your ears and shoulders – this will soften the shape of your face and sharp jawline. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are good examples of this hairstyle. -          You can also make your forehead look narrower with a soft fringe combed to one side – like Scarlett Johansson does. If your face is oval

Hair 4

Just what you want. Because your face is so symmetrical you’re free to try any hairstyle. You’ll always look attractive.

-          If your hair is short try sexy short hair with plenty of gloss to it like Rihanna wears hers.

-          If your hair is medium length or longer you can try a soft, wavy style like Kate Hudson’s.

-          For long hair a glossy ponytail is just the thing.

-          Compiled by Janine Nel


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