The best of Tuesday-night viewing

By admin
26 March 2013

What to watch on the box this evening.

Tonight’s TV schedule:

19:00 The Wild (M-Net): The Van Reenens prepare for the funeral, while Kate and Amber’s arrival cause more harm than good. The tension between Kate and Angie continues.

19:30 Chicago Fire (M-Net) Please note that due to Chicago Fire being aired so close to the US broadcast tonight's episode will be a repeat of episode 16.

20:00 Bette ( Bette tells Roy she has tickets for him to watch the Los Angeles Lakers basketball game but it’s all a lie and she has to scramble to get her hands on some. 20:30 Dallas (M-Net): In the aftermath of John Ross and Sue Ellen’s takeover coup, Bobby retaliates with the help of his brother Gary (guest star Ted Shackelford), leaving the family in a Mexican standoff. 22:30 Californication (M-Net): Becca shows she inherited some of her dad’s best traits. Hank finds Robbie Mac’s project a little daunting. Please note: YOU Magazine doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of the data supplied regarding programming but publishes in good faith based on information supplied. Networks may alter their programming at their own discretion. 

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