The bizarre reason this town built a church shaped like an enormous stiletto

By Samantha Luiz
13 January 2016

A town in Taiwan built a church in the shape of high heel in order to attract more female worshipers.

The building, which looks like a larger-than-life version of Cinderella's shoe, was built by the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area in just two months. The 17m structure is made out of 322 pieces of blue glass. According to the Daily Mail, the unusual structure will also include chairs for lovers (so couples can take wedding photos), biscuits and cakes, props designed to appeal to women.

Apparently, the towering structure was inspired by a tradition that requires a bride to wear high-heels in order to shatter tiles before joining the groom’s family. This is said to signify the beginning of a new life.

The church is set to open next month.


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