The bizarre way Madonna punished a backup dancer who showed up late

Madonna has reportedly forced one of her Rebel Heart Tour dancers to smooch toes after arriving late to rehearsal.

The 57-year-old singer is currently performing shows worldwide as part of the concert series.

And it’s claimed there is no room for anything less than perfection no matter what the scenario, a strict rule Madonna enforced when one of her dancers turned up tardy.

'The dancer was only a few minutes late and apologising like crazy'

"She's such a perfectionist. The dancer was only a few minutes late and apologising like crazy,” an insider told the New York Daily News, noting the toe-kissing moment was almost surreal.

According to onlookers the incident happened in a flash and it was difficult to tell whether Madonna was joking about the feet-kissing demand or not.

But despite the lack of clarity surrounding the request, the dancer was allegedly quick to drop to his knees and pucker up.

It’s claimed Madonna has no time for any form of disarray in her immediate surroundings.

The Open Your Heart hitmaker supposedly cannot stand littering of any kind.

“They know she's coming because they radio ahead,” the source noted of why her personnel scramble to ensure the environment is perfect before Madonna arrives into the room. “The first thing that happens is that [organisers] throw out all the water bottles because she can't stand seeing half-empty bottles. Then they dim the lights and light candles because she likes the room to look and smell a certain way."

Madonna is performing in Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania as part of her Rebel Heart Tour, which kicked off 9 September (15) in Montreal, Canada. The Rebel Heart Tour is getting rave reviews so far and fans in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are the next lucky group to see Madonna perform live, with a performance at the city’s Wells Fargo Center scheduled for 24 September (15). The concert series includes 76 shows in total and it will officially end in Brisbane, Australia on 27 March (16).

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