The Bold in the bushveld

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25 February 2011

They’re used to the glitz, glamour and bright lights of Los Angeles so when the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful announced they were heading to South African shores we decided to give them an experience they’d never forget: getting up close and personal with the creatures that make our continent famous.

So when we offered to take the actors that playSteffy Forrester, Owen Knight and Nick Marone to the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve at the Cradle of Humankind near Joburg they jumped at the chance.

The trio look like typical American tourists – sunglasses on, cellphones at the ready to post every precious moment on Facebook and Twitter and cameras snapping away at a passing herd of wildebeest.

But there’s clearly more to them than your average group of tourists. Clad in knee-high boots, leggings and beaded waistcoat, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (23), who plays Steffy, is all Hollywood glamour queen. And while the guys may be in jeans and T-shirts there’s something about their chiselled jaws and ice-blue eyes that screams Tinseltown.

But as they interact with the animals they leave those lives far behind. Jack Wagner (Nick) is all smiles as he holds up a bottle of milk for orphaned rhino calf Velo. Soon Brandon Beemer (Owen) and Jacqui are in on the act, tickling Velo affectionately behind the ear.

Then six-month-old lion cubs VaatjieMedusa and Umthagate make an appearance. “Are they harmless?” Brandon (30) asks somewhat jokingly.

But their doubts are swept aside when they discover the cubs love to play. Brandon is soon flat on his back with a boisterous cub licking his face.

Jacqui (23) discovers Vaatjie has a thing for the detail on her waistcoat and five-month-old white lion cubs Diego and Daisy keep trying to get hold of Jack’s sunglasses.

The 51-year-old doesn’t mind – as far as he’s concerned Hollywood paparazzi that chase after him and his girlfriend, former Spin City actress Heather Locklear, are far more threatening.

Brandon is in awe and says he’ll soon be back with girlfriend Nadia Bjorlin, who plays Chloe in Days of Our Lives. “She would have loved this,” he says. “You don’t get to play with animals like this every day.”

Jacqui agrees, taking out her cellphone and snapping herself with one of the lion cubs. “This has changed my life. I can’t wait to come back.”

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