The case for 'manscaping'

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21 January 2016

It's a hairy issue.

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Going to the beach can turn into a nightmare for some men the moment they have to remove their shirt – especially if their chest bares resemblance to a Maltese poodle.


Get rid of all that hair, Cosmopolitan advises. According to the magazine manscaping (the ritual among men to have their hairy bodies shaved or waxed) is becoming increasingly popular.

Mashable  says manscaping is a serious issue and even the hair on your butt must go. It even compiled a guide to manscaping.

Cape Town fashion and beauty consultant Penny Marriot says manscaping is all the rage. “There’s no reason why men, like women, can’t also get rid of unwanted hair.

"Having your eyebrows plucked does wonders for your face compared with wild, bushy eyebrows.”

For men who can deal with the pain waxing is perhaps the best advice, she says.

Even some local stars are getting in on the manscaping action.

“I think manscaping is cool," Eden singer Jay told YOU. "It’s the same as cutting your nails and shaving the hair on your head – it’s hygienic and essential, but I would say waxing should be reserved for serious cyclists and women. Trimming is smart!”

Unsurprisingly, theatre and TV personality Nataniël is a fan of the smooth look. “Hair gave me the heebie-jeebies even as a child.”

He says he’s had his unwanted hair waxed once but that it was too painful to go back. “I’m a stranger to my body; only my doctor knows what’s what with my body. I even wear a shirt when I have a bath so the hair on my chest doesn’t bother me.”

On the other hand, the cooking show host says you must be "built like a Greek god" if you want to have all you hair removed.

“Hair contributes to the contours of your body – you must be built like a statue if you want to wax. If you’re flabby, don’t. Don’t look like a werewolf, trim it."

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