The Chamber of Secrets has been opened in a block of flats in Pretoria

By admin
25 November 2016

Enemies of the heir, beware!

The residents of a block of flats in the east of Pretoria have been having some basilisk problems of late. Read more: Watch this baby iguana’s amazing escape from hungry snakes

Okay, it was a snouted cobra -- but the serpent has been lurking in their plumbing system in true Harry Potter fashion, as some truly terrifying snaps shared by Anton Meijer on Thursday show. "We need Doom prophet. "They found a snake in one of the toilets in my block of flats..." he captioned photos and videos of the unwanted guest.
The snake, apparently about 2 m long, somehow Slytherin-ed (sorry, we'll stop now) into the apartment building's pipes and has been popping out of toilets. Fun! Residents called in a snake catcher, who can be seen doing battle with the snake in one of Anton's video clips.

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"The snake handler failed to catch the snake. It went back into the sewer system," Anton updated his horrified followers after the tussle.

Meanwhile, building management sent a warning on the residents' WhatsApp, advising them to keep to their toilet and bathroom door closed.

Maybe it's time to get a real wizard in, guys?

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