The claws are out! Azealia Banks feuding with Iggy

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05 December 2014

Azealia Banks has taken an online swipe at Iggy Azalea.

The women are two of the hottest names in music right now, with Iggy dominating the charts with hits like Fancy and Booty, and Azealia recently putting out her debut album Broke with Expensive Taste – which was originally slated for a 2012 release. However, it appears they don't get along so well. “its funny to see people Like Igloo Australia silent when these things happen… Black Culture is cool, but black issues sure aren’t huh? (sic)” Azealia posted, seemingly in reference to the shooting of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson on August 9 and the death of African American Eric Garner in July after a police officer put him in a chokehold.

“If you're down to ride with us b***h you gotta RIDE ALL THE WAY
  “Don't just be down to ride Black D**k..... If you with us you WITH US!!!! (sic)”
  Iggy is known for her hip-hop style and is dating NBA star Nick Young. The Australian performer didn’t take these comments lying down though and quickly shot back her retorts “I see all hell broke loose while I was at rehearsals today.
“Theres more to sparking a change than trolling on social media. World issues shouldnt be used as a poor excuse to promote fan battles (sic),” Iggy fumed.

This isn’t the first celebrity feud 24-year-old Iggy has been involved in, with Eminem and Snoop Dogg also both recently taking umbrage with her. However, that hasn't stopped her speaking up for herself. “Make sure you do something to let YOUR government know how you feel when something is unjust., not JUST your followers on twitter...
“Also try not to judge anothers support or 'lack there of' solely on if they have ranted on twitter about it, thats not right or helpful (sic),” she added.

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