The crazy gets better and better in The Fixer

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14 April 2014

Do you also find yourself tense and barely breathing while watching The Fixer each week? It’s The drama just keeps coming on the political scandal TV series, we are not coping and we are not sure how much more Olivia Pope can handle . . .

Am I the only one wondering why Olivia Pope’s head has not exploded from the sheer force of trying to handle all the drama in her life? It’s hard to process everything that is happening in her world while watching The Fixer so how much she feel?

Let’s recap. Mommy is an evil terrorist, daddy is mean and tortures your friends, your boyfriend is the married president of the United States, a staff member using power tools on people just a little too much and the fake boyfriend has started killing your friends too. No wonder Olivia lives off popcorn and red wine and awkward weekly meals with dad. Actually her world right now kind of reminds me of the chaos that was Sydney Bristow’s life in the spy series Alias. Remember that? She thought her daddy was evil, her mommy was a terrorist, and while poor Sydney was brainwashed her boyfriend married someone else -- who turned out to be a terrorist.

Maya the evil terrorist mommy Maya the evil terrorist mommy.

But back to Olivia. I was hoping she would turn Jake the fake boyfriend into the real deal and have some part of her life be normal. But her affair with the president is central to the show and Jake is trying really hard to keep cold-blooded killer on his CV. Now I fear for Jake and hope he can cope with being Command of the shady B613, especially as actor Scott Foley says things are not going to be easy for his character. “It's going to get darker. His transition to Command -- though a job that he wanted -- is one he never understood. That happens with a lot of us when we finally get something we want and realise that it’s so much more than we can handle. It’s a huge challenge and it’s taking a huge toll on him personally,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Fitz, Olivia and Jake, the president, the fixer and the fake boyfriend Fitz, Olivia and Jake, the president, the fixer and the fake boyfriend

So knowing that it’s going to get darker just breaks my heart again when I think of how sad he looked when he begged Olivia to leave everything and go with him. Sigh.

I don’t even know where to start with her terrorist mommy. I am still seeing those images in my head of her chewing her wrists to escape prison. And then there’s ex-colleague torture session when Huck removed Quinn’s molars with pliers and licked her face. The creepy was ratcheted up to “boom”.

Quinn is now working for the other side Quinn is now working for the other side

And show creator Shonda Rimes knows that the wrist chewing was brutal. “Khandi Alexander, who is an amazing actress, just went for it. The effects were amazing, and the way it was shot was incredible. There were so many wonderful things about it, but it was stomach-turning. So we ended up cutting it in half. Even then, I felt like, ‘boy, is that graphic. Boy, is that huge’. I tweeted before it came on, ‘Don’t be eating before you see it.’ I happen to have been eating before I saw it — the long version — and it was unfortunate.” She told

Plus on the other brutal scene, Shonda says it makes sense that Huck would torture Quinn who has been edging to the dark side. “To me, it felt like the natural progression of Huck’s character. If Quinn’s gonna do these things, then Huck is gonna do what Huck does. I try not to make the characters bend to our will. If I’ve set up a world in which this is what Huck does, and this is the way Huck treats people who are traitors, and this is how Huck protects Olivia, then that’s what he’d have to do to Quinn as well.”

Okay but no more face licking for at least a few episodes and can she please give Olivia a normal cousin or aunt who can cook meals for her or something . . .

The Fixer is on M-Net on Mondays at 8.30 pm

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