The ‘cuddle hormone’ is proof that a dog is really man’s best friend

By Samantha Luiz
03 April 2015

For years, the hormone oxytocin explained the unique bond between a mother and her baby.

Now researchers at Monash University believe the same hormone is responsible for the bond shared between a dog and its owner.

Dubbed ‘the cuddle hormone’, oxytocin is also well known for its ability to lower blood pressure and other indications of physiological stress including understanding emotions and solving social problems.

Apparently patting and talking to a dog for just three minutes increases oxytocin levels in the blood stream of both human and dog, creating a long lasting bond.

“This may explain why dogs, compared to wolves, are such good performers on object choice tasks, which test their ability to attend to, and use, human social cues in order to find hidden food treats,” the researchers wrote in the journal Animal Cognition.

Well, there you have it; your dog really loves you!


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