The dome definitely doesn’t need Linda!

By admin
30 September 2013

Silly, sad sheriff Linda, Junior who’s more annoying than before and bizarre fight clubs . . . our TV blogger unpacks her issues with Under the Dome.

Am I the only one . . . who doesn’t want Junior in Under the Dome to be part of the magical foursome who can “speak” to the dome? I would like to think this supernatural dome is a little more discerning and can spot how annoying that boy is and not want to talk to him. It’s bad enough it included whiny, breathless, wide-eyed Angie. No, these two aren’t worthy of mysterious pink stars. The dome needs to do some serious soul-searching as to who it selects to do it favours.

I love this show and how the story moves along at a cracking pace. But there are just far, far too many aspects that are downright annoying. These are the top ones that bug me.

Max and that fight club

What on earth was the point of new villain Max and her bizarre black market fight club. Seriously? It’s hard to believe the townsfolk were just all ready to take part in her fights and start betting on them when it feels like they should rather have been shaking their heads and laughing at Tyler Durden, sorry, I mean Max. Surely they should be more concerned about finding out more about the dome or working out how to survive in this new world rather than klapping one another silly while others make bets. It’s weird that the only people concerned about the dome are a couple of teenagers and Julia the reporter with the perfect hair.

Maxine (played by Natalie Zea) didn’t quite fit into the storyline; she wasn’t really adding much apart from more annoyance while blackmailing Barbie and Big Jim and claiming to know everything. The actress, wonderful as Winona in Justified, is wasted in this silly role. And then in an eye blink she and her mother were gone.

Sad, sad Linda

I’m adding useless Linda (played by Natalie Martinez) to my peeved-off list. What kind of law enforcement is she giving in Chester’s Mill? “You are the sheriff; act like the sheriff, woman!” I find myself shouting at the TV. Barbie has helped her keep law and order from episode one and now Big Jim says Barbie is a villain, her attitude is “okay, let me get my cuffs and gun and hunt down Barbie”. She needs to think for herself for a change and be a little take-chargey. Instead Big Jim’s lackey lurches around looking sadder and sadder and out of sorts. Other people in the dome are looking at Big Jim all warily but not silly Linda; she still believes every lie this man feeds her. No, man! But maybe she’ll be less silly in season two next year. The actress told the Hollywood Reporter, “She’s [Linda’s] going to start to learn how to trust her own instincts and follow her gut when it comes to what she thinks is really true. At the end of the day and when you’re under the dome, you only have yourself to count on.” I should hope so!

Junior and the dome

Back to Junior and his place in the foursome. Firstly, it’s weird how Angie veers between forgiving Junior for holding her captive in a dungeon and screeching at him for holding her captive in a dungeon. But then again Junior seems just as confused, and veers between believing his father’s lies and hugging him then hating him and pulling a gun on him. I almost feel sorry for him now the dome has declared Big Jim must die. When the foursome touched the dome at the end of the last episode I did have a little moment thinking the dome was just as annoyed by Junior as I am and planned to somehow boost him outside.

It’s unlikely though that Big Jim will die as we need a bad guy in season two; maybe they can sacrifice Linda and the town can appoint pretty, useful Barbie as sheriff. Hopefully all the silliness will be sorted out in the finale and, by the way, we’re again being treated to two episodes tomorrow!

Under the Dome is on M-Net at 8.05 pm on Tuesday and ends this week with another double episode (episodes 12 and 13). Next week (8 October) it’s replaced by Hostages starring Toni Collette as a surgeon whose family is held hostage ahead of her operation on the American president.

-Natalie Cavernelis

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