The emotional moment mom hears her son's heart beating inside donor recipient

By Samantha Luiz
02 February 2016

Watch the moment a mother listened to her son's heartbeat three years after his death.

It's been nearly three years since she made the brave decision to donate her son's organs.

Heather Clark made the difficult decision following the tragic death of her 7-month-old son, Lukas, who died after he was reportedly abused by a babysitter's boyfriend.

“There is another family out there, somewhere, you know who’s feeling something of what I’m feeling, somewhat, and I have the chance to make them not go through what I’m about to go through," she said, recalling how she came her decision.

One of the organ recipients was Jordan Drake, a four-year-old who suffered from congenital heart defect, a condition that saw her spending most of her young life in hospital.

“It’s hard to describe … that she would be so selfless to be able to think of another family while she’s going through her grief,” says Jordan's mother Esther Gonzalez.

And now, the families have met for the first time.

Heather was given the extraordinary opportunity to listen to her son's beating heart, now nestled safely inside Jordan's chest. The remarkable moment, captured on video by Donate Life Arizona, was then shared on Facebook.

Listening to her son's heartbeat was a very emotional moment for Heather.

“He was just so outgoing, he was just a little ham,” she recalls. “If there was a camera in front of him he was either smiling or sticking his tongue out.”

Going forward, the two mothers hope to stay in touch.

Esther says, “We’re family now, we’re friends now, our families are families, we’ve brought our families together."

At the moment, Heather can't reveal the circumstances surrounding Lukas’s death as the case is still under criminal investigation.


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