The God of Thunger by Numbers

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23 January 2014

Chris Hemsworth is the beefy, hammer-wielding Avenger in Thor: The Dark World and he has a mammoth task – to save Earth and the Nine Realms from a dark enemy that’s older than the universe itself!

The numbers


Those blond locks are his own! The 30-year-old Australian actor doesn’t wear a wig in the sequel. He did wear one in the first movie, Thor, and in The Avengers, but says it was super uncomfortable. “For Snow White and the Huntsman I was growing it for the next Thor so we just dyed it dark.”


The number of hours Chris worked out every day to bulk up for Thor. He says he never lifted weights until he landed the role!


The number of costumes Chris went through doing the various stunts and action scenes. Thor is clearly quite the action man.


The number of hammers made for the new movie. Of the 30 hammers, five versions were used most often – one of them being a “lit hammer” that emits light when lightning strikes. It’s said Thor’s mystical war hammer Mjolnir is swung at twice the speed of light and contains energy potent enough to annihilate a whole galaxy. Mjolnir cannot be lifted or used by anyone who’s not worthy. Others who’ve been able to lift it include the Red Norvell, Beta Ray Bill and Captain America.


Chris weighed this much while filming the movie. He then had to drop 15 kg for his role as a racing car driver in the movie Rush.


The number of weapons prop master Barry Gibbs and his team of technicians designed and produced in 10 weeks.

5 000

That’s more or less how many years’ worth of grudge and revenge the Dark Elves want to settle in the flick.

300 billion

Celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson reckons the Mjolnir, the hammer Thor wielded in the first movie, weighs as much as a herd of 300 billion elephants!

R4,4 billion ($449 326 618)

The amount the first Thor flick made at the box office worldwide. It’s the seventh highest-grossing Marvel film and was the 15th highest-grossing film of 2011.


- Lara Atson

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