The Goliath's welcome their very own comedy club

By Shanaaz Prince
22 April 2016

The Goliath's are bringing a whole lot more laughter to Johannesburg with the opening of their very own Comedy Club in May.

What do you get when you combine four Goliaths and their own comedy club?

A lot of laughs and entertainment, of course! Goliath and Goliath consists of Jason (35), his sister Kate (31), their cousin Nicholas (31) and Donovan (33), who, despite having the same surname, is not related to the three of them*.

The team of funny folk are opening The Goliath Comedy Club in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, in May. We caught up with Donovan and Jason to find out what makes them tick.

Jason PHOTO: Supplied Jason PHOTO: Supplied

Who’s David to your Goliath?

Donovan’s second name is David so that’s a start! But we don’t see comedy as competition – we create markets for one another. If an audience enjoys my performance today, they won’t want to see the same show tomorrow but they still want comedy. So we all work for one another.

Jock or nerd at high school?

I belonged to the drama club but peer pressure kicked in and I left after my first production. Drama kids were seen as nerds! Looking back I wish I hadn’t cared what my fellow students thought.

Do you still go clubbing?

No clubbing for me any more. I enjoy conversations so blocking one ear while screaming at someone who’s trying to guess what I’m saying just frustrates me!

What makes you see red? 

Rudeness, discrimination and messing with my loved ones are definite triggers!

Who’d join you in an exclusive gentlemen’s club?

G&G is already an exclusive gentleman’s club and Kate is an honorary gentleman. We work together but we’re also besties.

Donovan PHOTO: Supplied Donovan PHOTO: Supplied

Who’s David to your Goliath?

That’s weird because my second name is David. My parents predicted a career in comedy for me. The SA comedy industry is small. We’ve always believed in standing together to build our brand. Jock or nerd at high school? I was an ultra-nerd: I was in the debating team and all the school plays. I was No 1 art student, I played chess and was a prefect. I was still cool as hell though.

Do you still go clubbing?

I haven’t been to a club in years. Last time I was at a club we called it a disco. Glass of wine, comfortable couch and chats excite me.

What makes you see red?

Men who disrespect women. And don’t ever say anything about my family, especially my little sister. [Cracks knuckles and launches into Jean-Claude Van Damme kick]

Who’d join you in an exclusive gentlemen’s club?

Hmm, interesting question. Apart from my G&G team it would be a bunch of dudes who are smarter than me who teach and inspire me and who feed my soul.

** In our 28 April issue of Scene & Heard, we erroneously referred to Jason and Donovan are brothers. We apologise for this mistake!

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