The heartbreaking moment a 92-year-old man sings love song to his dying wife

By admin
23 September 2015

Now this is what true love looks like.

When Howard Serena left to fight in World War II 73 years ago, his wife Laura serenaded him with the 1940s ballad You’ll Never Know by Rosemary Clooney and Harry James. She would console herself with the beautiful lyrics while he was away.

'It was the song my granny would sing while grandpa was away fighting'

Now, in Laura's dying days, Howard (92) sat beside her bed in a hospice and did the same for her. Laura (93), who suffers from macular degeneration and can’t see anymore, asked Howard to hold her and sing their song.

Their granddaughter, Erin Solari caught the heartbreaking moment on camera.

"We knew that this was probably the last time, so we wanted to capture that moment," Erin told ABC News.

"For me, right after the video, I was so overcome," she said. "I broke down and started crying. I was so happy that I'd captured this moment for my family."

Laura stares blindly into Howard’s eyes as he sings and strokes her face. At times she sings along with him.

“It was the song my granny would sing while grandpa was away fighting,” she captioned the video on YouTube. “Since then it’s been their love song. Our family is happy to share the love we have for one another with anyone who will enjoy it."


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