The heartrending story of the 'forgotten boy' who lives at a Chinese nursery school

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04 February 2016

Nine-year-old Xiao Xia’s family were late picking him up from nursery school – three years late.

Xiao Xia has been sleeping on a bed of old duvets and sheets on the cloakroom floor at the Changchun nursery school in northern China since 2013. The boy was left in the care of his his impoverished grandparents after his parents divorced and his father remarried that year. According to The Daily Mail, Xiao Xia had been going to since he was six years old, where his grandfather dropped him off every morning.

But when the time came to pay the next month’s school fees, his grandfather dropped him at the school gates one morning and never came back.

Though the nursery has been able to make contact with his grandfather, he refused to fetch the boy, saying he cannot afford to raise him.

Xiao Xia says even though he can’t remember what his parents look like, he misses them desperately. The youngster told China’s People Daily that his only wish for Chinese Lunar New Year is to be reunited with them.

When asked what he liked doing, he simply replied, “I like to learn”.

His grandfather has stopped answering the school principal’s phone calls, and has moved away from the house Xiao Xia remembers.

Source: The Sun, Daily Mail, People’s Daily Online

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