The hilarious moment a groom 'loses' his bride on the road - and he keeps going

By admin
19 July 2016

Husband of the year.

There are weddings you want to remember and there are weddings you’d prefer to forget. But what can you say about a wedding where the bridegroom “loses” his bride on the road.

That’s what recently happened with a couple in China. He looked smart in a black suit and she looked lovely in her wedding dress with its wide skirt. Their transport? An electric scooter.

While the couple were unsuspectingly riding along their marriage hit its first speed bump – literally.

Either the bridegroom was accustomed to his bride being as light as a feather and never shouting or he was relieved that he’d got off so lightly after the ceremony.

The big test of the couple’s big day came in the form of a speed bump. When the scooter’s front wheel hit it it was the last thing the bride expected. To make matters worse, she was seated a very ladylike sideways on the scooter and wasn’t hanging on to her new husband very tightly.

The next moment a confusion of wedding dress, stockings and shoes went flying through the air. The poor bride landed in the road with an almighty thump while the groom rode on, completely unaware of what had happened. Fortunately bystanders gave the bride and helping hand and probably a word or two of comfort.

It’s uncertain if the groom returned to the scene.

She wasn’t the only bride to have fallen from grace.

Here are a few more bride and bridegroom boo-boos. Be careful about what form of transport you use on your special day.

This poor bride had her own Titanic moment.

Camera, action and . . . steps.

This horse couldn’t bear the white contraption on his back. Even the bride’s best rodeo grip couldn’t save her from a landing on the beach.

This bridegroom was saved by his bride from the precipice – literally.

Marriage is as easy as falling off a horse.

Now the expression “falling in love” makes sense.

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