The hilarious moment a group of pensioners try to take a photo

By Samantha Luiz
31 August 2015

"You just point at it Barbara, and press button."

What happens when three elderly friends try to work a smartphone camera.

The trio, from Yorkshire, wanted to take a picture of a greenhouse but ended up taking a video of their confused attempts.

In the hilarious video, a woman named Barbara is trying to figure out how to work her camera.

'You just point at it Barbara, and press button'

"You face it like that way, Barbara", the man in the group is heard explaining.

"Ooh you can do a selfie." he suggests, proving he's in touch with modern lingo.

But Barbara isn’t keen on the idea.

"I don’t want to do a selfie, I want to do that," she says, pointing to the green house.

"You just point at it Barbara, and press button," insists the man.

They don't quite get it right, finishing off their footage with a wobbly shot of Barbara in her hot pink rain coat.

Watch the video below:


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