The incredible moment a cheeky lioness steals photographer's GoPro and 'takes selfies'

By Saskia Hill
25 March 2015

"You could see they wanted to play with it,” the bemused photographer told YOU.

Well, now we’ve seen it all! A photographer in the Kruger National Park couldn’t believe his eyes when a pride of lions stole his GoPro camera.

Wildlife photographer Massimo Da Silva (29) recently arrived at a waterhole where a pride of lions was relaxing. He was with two clients of the Makanyi Lodge.

Makanyi Lodge - GoPro images (4 of 8)

Massimo put his camera on the ground, hoping to get a few good shots. Nothing could have prepared the three for happened next.

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“One lion picked it up and we followed the lions into a bush but the bush was too dense,” the bemused photographer told YOU.

“Five minutes later we saw another lion with the housing in its mouth. You could see they wanted to play with it.”

Makanyi Lodge - GoPro images (7 of 8)

A shocked Massimo watched helplessly as the lioness showed the camera to the rest of the pride, each of which got a taste of it. They seemed to want to test it out to see how it worked.

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The three people headed for the other side of the waterhole, where the lions were playing with the camera.

“We noticed that it was still filming. The red and blue light (which indicates that it’s filming) was flashing. That brought a smile to my face,” Massimo later told Barcroft TV.

Makanyi Lodge - GoPro images (8 of 8)

The lioness put down the camera when the three arrived and Massimo could rescue the expensive device.

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Unique video material of the lions sharing the camera with one another was later found recorded. Although the camera had suffered a few “bruises” Massimo was amazed to find that it still worked. The video material has become a sensation worldwide.

See it here

Additional sources:, MailOnline

Photos: Supplied by Makanyi Lodge

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