The internet is going mad over what this Harry Potter star looks like now

By Kirstin Buick
30 June 2015

Move over Neville Longbottom. There's a new Harry Potter hottie in town.

Remember Ron's date to the Yule Ball? She was already a pretty teen, but Afshan Azad, the actress who played the Padma Patil in the "Harry Potter" films, has grown into a gorgeous young woman.

Afshan Azad is all grown up! PHOTO: Twitter Afshan Azad is all grown up! PHOTO: Twitter

Photos of the now 27-year-old have gone viral online, after Huffpost India published an article on the British actress of Bangladeshi origin. Padma's first major appearance in the series is in the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, in which she and her twin sister Parvati accompany Harry and his pal Ron Weasley to the Ball. Meanwhile, the former witch herself isn't too impressed with the madness. “As much as I’m flattered, is there a need?” she tweeted. “I appreciate it [and] all but come on I was 16 then!!”


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