The internet responds to bizarre #A4waistchallenge in the best way

By Litaletu Zidepa
24 March 2016

We're not surprised this bizarre trend was ripped to shreds.

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The challenge, which went viral on Chinese social network Weibo, saw many Chinese women showing off their 21cm “paper-thin” figures by posing with A4 sheets placed vertically in front of their waists. But mainstream Twitter and Instagram wasn’t having any of it.

We heard about the #A4waistchallenge so we took it to the next level: #postitnotewaistchallenge #closeenough #a4 #a4waist #postit

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According to Independent Online the hashtag #A4Waist had more than 110 million views on 22 March and about 100 000 comments on Weibo, with some women proudly sharing their super-skinny figures. But some witty social media users had better ideas. One Instagram posed a photo of a piece of paper she had crumpled up, captioned: “#a4waist –more like #a4waste #nomorebodyshaming.”

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Another woman shared photo with the caption: “Omg I keep finding more pieces of paper I can hide my waist behind. Here’s some old scrap of paper I found hiding in the back of my closet. #a4waist #collegediploma.”
A twitter user  @5SOSHotel shared how the challenge was very concerning. “The #A4WaistChallenge concerns me very much... Don't let these "trends" make you feel bad about yourself. You're beautiful, no matter what.”

Chinese women’s right activist Xiao Meili deemed the beauty fad “utterly boring”.

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“Such contests became popular due to of a lack of knowledge about gender issues in China and because standards of beauty are very, very, very uniform.”

“Everyone's very superstitious, talking about what angle cheekbones should be at, how high a nose should be, or how many centimetres there should be between people's eyes.

“People think that beauty can be measured,” she told

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Sadly, it’s not the first time a challenge like this has done the rounds. One craze saw women stacking coins in their hollows of their collarbones to prove how thin they were.

Another viral Instagram fad was the so-called #KylieJennerChallenge, which involved teens putting their lips into a shot glasses and other objects and sucking in as hard as they could to create a vacuum effect, so they would swell to the reality star’s cosmetically enhanced proportions.

One things for sure: with this #a4waistchallenge, never has the phrase “paper-thin” made more sense.

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