The light side of politics: hilarious photoshopped pictures show an, er, different kind of ANC/DA merger

By Gabisile Ngcobo
04 April 2014

This is politics like you've never seen before! A Facebook group has merged the DA and the ANC into one party.

Ever wondered what it would be like if the ANC or DA had a merger? Well, think no more. XCollektiv, a page on Facebook, has not only combined these two parties – now called DANC party – they also fused President Jacob Zuma and DA leader Helen Zille into one person. Seriously, we're loving the bald Zille and the president Zuma with a wig!

DANC is a party for all people and their promises are “empty”.

Unlike the other parties, DANC makes no fancy promises and Zille is the party leader.

According to this group, DANC is a party for all people and their promises are “empty”.

“We make no promises, but we do guarantee that you will be dissatisfied and disappointed once you leave the PARTY!”

XCollectiv describes itself as a “collaborative creative dialogue between visual-artists, writers, filmmakers, performers and the public”.

They say their aim is to facilitate and initiate projects that pose questions and draw attention to issues and to connect with ordinary lives through public creative processes.

This group blogs about the current affairs and posts quirky posters of politicians and some of their pictures are funny (but most of them are a bit creepy!).

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