The lowdown on load shedding

By admin
23 April 2013

Eskom’s Frankenstein monster looks intent on making a comeback, the unwelcome beast.

It’s been five years since South Africa has seen load shedding, a lifetime for a five-year-old but for some it feels like yesterday.

How can anyone forget the summer of ’08 when the malls blacked out at 12, or the hospitals that had to scramble for generators so that they could keep doing life-saving operations?

At a time when the world was seeing a massive commodities boom, South African mines had to shut down operations as Eskom couldn’t guarantee electricity supply.

A horror scenario, reports Fin24.

The main cause for the growing concern seems to be that Eskom has not been granted the tariff hikes it applied for at the end of 2012.

Last year Eskom applied for tariff increases of 16% per year for five years. This followed on a period of three years of increases that were, on average, 25% per year.

Eskom made it clear that it needed the increases to keep the country's lights on.

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