The lowdown on scents

By admin
04 March 2014

Here are tips on everything you need to know and do to make your fragrance work harder!

Staying power

  • If you want your fragrance to last much longer, invest in a perfume rather than an eau de toilette. It’s much more concentrated – which is why it costs more.
  • Another way to make your scent go the distance is to apply it to pulse points such as your neck, the crook of your arm and wrists. These are warmer parts of your body where your blood vessels are closest to the surface of your skin. This will help diffuse the scent for maximum impact.

Fun in the sun

  • Avoid wearing a fragrance if you know you’re going to be spending a lot of time in direct sunlight. Their alcohol content can increase your skin’s sun sensitivity and cause pigmentation. Instead, rather spritz it on your clothes or on a part of your body you know won’t be exposed to the sun.

Your scent soul mate

  • When you’re shopping for a new perfume, spray it directly onto your skin instead of the paper strips you find in store. Perfume always smells differently on skin than it does on paper. Also, bear in mind that what smells good on others might not work as well on you due to the fact that everyone has different body chemistry.
  • Don’t confuse your nose by testing too many perfumes at once. When you think you’ve found a scent you like, don’t make an impulse purchase. Instead, return to the store to try it on once more all by itself and let it settle as the day goes on. If you still like it, you’ve probably met your match.

-Leigh van den Berg

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