The perfect pick-up ploys

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12 November 2010

Rejection is a rather grim experience for a guy eyeing a woman. He’s just hauled out his sharpest pick-up line and flashed the cash to buy her a drink then boom! She looks him up and down as if he’s something the cat has dragged in.

Now three Johannesburgers who reckon they know what it takes to make women feel special are helping men catch the attention of their dream women.

“Times have changed and women have realised they have the power of choice. There are more men competing for their affection nowadays so they’re able to choose the one they feel is best suited to what they’re looking for,” says Andrew Meyer of Hired Guns Professional Pick-Up Artists, which has run pick-up courses for two years.

“Women have changed but men haven’t and we’re still hitting the social scene with the same tools and approaches we’ve tried for years on end: flash your keys, buy drinks and try your slickest pick-up line. “It’s stopped working but we still keep trying the same old routines.”

Andrew and his colleagues, two pick-up maestros he calls Archer and Abstract, have one goal: getting men to a level where they can approach any social situation with ease and without the predictable pick-up lines women detest.

“Anyone who enters a club with the belief a one-liner will melt a girl’s heart and get her to jump into bed with you is sadly misguided. Keeping this in mind it becomes obvious there’s no such thing as a pick-up line,” Abstract explains.

Andrew’s philosophy about male confidence is to find your core identity.

“When you know who you are and you know what your capabilities are the sky’s the limit. Improving your confidence and social skills isn’t about helping a guy score at a bar. With increased confidence and self-belief you uplift and empower yourself in so many other areas, personal and professional.”

Hired Guns’ hot tips *Be authentic. Be yourself at all times, don’t lie about things to impress a girl and never act out of character.

*The three-second rule: within three seconds of seeing a girl you’re interested in you must be talking to her. Waiting any longer gives the excuse machine in your head time to talk you out of approaching her.

*Be well groomed. You might have good looks but your look is what makes you interesting.

Read the full article in YOU, 18 November 2010.

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