The pros and cons of attachment parenting

By admin
25 June 2012

The Time magazine cover of a young woman breastfeeding her nearly four-year-old son caused an uproar.

It was deemed provocative, disturbing and borderline pornographic and news websites and social media networks were abuzz with discussion about it for days.

The accompanying article on attachment parenting, titled Are You Mom Enough?, has also sparked a war of words between those for and against this child-rearing philosophy.

Attachment parenting isn’t a new concept. Lactation experts, contemporary midwives and many parents have long been fans of it.

But it remains controversial and it doesn’t take much for the issue to flare up – and the cover picture of the May issue of Time magazine has opened a can of worms.

YOU’s Latashia Naidoo looks at the arguments for and against attachment parenting and speaks to some local experts and moms about the issue. Read more in YOU 31 May 2012.

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