The queen and her pet, Kate

By admin
26 April 2011

It seems no one can get enough of Prince William’s slim young wife – and that includes the formidable matriarch at the helm of family and country.

As William (29) guides his hi-tech helicopter on missions across foreign seas, an interesting development is a-brew back in Britain.

Queen Elizabeth II, in her Diamond Jubilee year and in the middle of celebrations to mark her 60 years on the throne, is frequently choosing her elegant granddaughter-in-law, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge (30), to be by her side while she meets and greets her subjects.

“From the moment her Diamond Jubilee year began the queen has shown a remarkable ability to turn back the clock,” Richard Kay writes in the Daily Mail.

“She’s seemed as stylish and poised as a woman far younger than her 86 years. Some have wondered if it’s the youthful presence of the Duchess of Cambridge, so often at her side, that has contributed to this transformation.”

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