The reason this terminally ill man married a sex doll

By Samantha Luiz
09 November 2015

He had always dreamed of having a lavish wedding. But the terminally ill man wasn't willing to leave behind a grieving widow.

So the unnamed man, from China, decided to marry a life-sized sex doll.

"In order not to hurt other people's feelings, he chose to marry an artificial doll instead of a real person," a source told CCTV.

Like any other bride, the inflatable doll was given star treatment, including a makeup artist and a beautiful wedding dress.

In the viral wedding photos, the 28-year-old man can be seen gazing lovingly into his doll bride's eyes. In another shot, the two are captured hugging in front of a mirror.

This is not the first time a terminally ill person has turned to a doll for comfort.

In May, a man, also from China, bought a life-sized doll to be the daughter he never had.


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