The rich can now watch normal people suffer from new luxury airport terminal

By Nadim Nyker
13 May 2017

LAX have created a terminal where celebrities, CEOs and the world's richest one percent can relax to avoid paparazzi.

The good folks at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) have created a terminal where celebrities, CEOs and other VIPs can relax to avoid paparazzi.

But that's not all -- the wealthier folks can watch regular people in the normal terminals from an iPad screen, The Guardian reports.

At a whopping $4000 (R54 000) per international flight, Private Suite clients will be treated to luxurious beds, Napa Valley cabernet, massages, a "Willie Wonka-style array of chocolates" chocolates, and coriander scented soap in their private suites.

These fortunate few will be able to go directly from their limousines to an access-controlled section of the airport, where an armed guard will check their identity and escorts them to their private suite.

And there are more perks -- if you happen to, say, spill some of that fancy wine on yourself, all you have to do is pick up the phone and you'll be presented with Calvin Klein socks, Banana Republic shirts, Anne Klein blouses and Steve Madden shoes from which you can take your pick. If your destination's weather looks gloomy, you can even get a waterproof jacket.

Although, as The Guardian has put it, the "guiltiest pleasure" the $22 million facility offers is the "iPad that sits on a counter at the entrance, with a typed little note: 'Here is a glimpse of what you’re missing over at the main terminal right now.'"

The screen shows everyday people (part of the 80 million that pass through LAX annually) queuing in long lines, dragging their bags along and battling their way through the airport's ultra-strict customs control.

And according to Gavin de Becker, who runs Private Suite, "[At the normal terminals they] process thousands of people at a time, they’re barking. It’s loud. Here it’s very, very lovely”.

De Becker also rejected any suggestions that the idea may symbolise inequality.

Must be nice?

Sources: The Guardian, Heat Street, LA Times

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