The secret world of male anorexia

By admin
19 October 2012

In this shockingly frank memoir the writer describes the deceit, fear and shame he felt as a man with a severe eating disorder

"The first thing my mom told me (11 at the time) when she got out of hospital was that I looked chubby. I was heavy on puppy fat and a solid month of dad-food, so she bought me a new bike and I rode every day, as fast as I could for as long as I could.

She filled my school bag with dried fruit and cereal bars and zero-fat yoghurt, until I told her I could eat more healthily if I bought food at school, so she sent me each day with money for lunch. I’d bring it home each evening and stash it under my bed."

And so began Michael Wilson's road to anorexia - where he was only happy when test results shown "below average weight" . . .

Read about his road t recovery in YOU 25 October 2012.

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