The shocking reason this bride-to-be wanted to BAN a bridesmaid from her wedding

By Kim Abrahams
14 March 2017

The worst part? The bridesmaid in question is her future sister-in-law!

Sure, planning a wedding can be stressful – which sort of condones being a Bridezilla. But banning an unborn baby from your big day because you're worried the tot might upstage you is taking things a little far . . .

An unnamed bride contemplated doing just that. She recently took to Mumsnet, an online discussion forum where advice is shared on parenting and other topics, to seek the opinions of users on her 16-year-old bridesmaid who recently discovered she's pregnant.

And no, she's not upset because she'll need to pay for extra material to cover the growing baby bump of the bridesmaid (also her future sister-in-law); it's the four-month-old little one that would potentially be at the wedding that has this bride seeing red.

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"There's lots of mixed emotions about the pregnancy flying around the family at the moment," the bride-to-be posted, which has since been deleted, The Mirror reports.

"She planned the baby without her boyfriend or anyone else knowing so she's happy about it even if no one else is.

"Anyway, am I being unreasonable to think I now really can't have her as a bridesmaid?"

Perhaps realising that's exactly what she was being, she attempted to justify her original grievance.

"She'll have a four-month-old to care for and it's really not fair to expect my father- and mother-in-law to take on care duties while she does bridesmaid stuff.

"It's their son's wedding. She's still living in a fantasy world where she'll be able to care for the child as a single parent and still live the life of a normal teenager."

While some users did understand her annoyance, that quickly dissolved when she extended her reasons for distress.

"My partner's extended family will see the baby at Christmas, then my wedding day will only be the second time anyone sees him/her."

And this leaves the bride feeling she'll be upstaged by the little bundle of joy.

"I want our wedding day to be about us, not her."

A user responded to this by saying she "lost all sympathy" when the bride claimed the tiny tot would steal her limelight. Her advice to the future Mrs? "Grow up."


But the bride did later reveal that no invites to the wedding would be withdrawn.

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Sources: MumsNet, The Mirror, The Sun

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