The shocking source of the 'bad smells' permeating the halls of Helen Joseph hospital

By Jacques Myburgh
13 April 2016

Hospital management have uncovered the source of the awful odours that staff at the Helen Joseph hospital in Johannesburg have been complaining about.

Hospital management have uncovered the source of the awful odours that staff at the Helen Joseph hospital in Johannesburg have been complaining about.

A staff member, who wanted to remain anonymous, told YOU a decomposed corpse was found in the maintenance shaft of the lifts.

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“The smells have been around since Christmas,” she said, adding that it was "especially noticeable when using the lift".

According to her, the hospital management had uncovered the source of the bad odours in January.

“No one knew who the person was.

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“The body was already so composed that they couldn’t identify the person’s sex.”

The hospital had tried in vain to establish whether any patient on their books had gone missing.

“They think it might have been a patient who was wandering around at night who’d accidentally fallen down the lift shaft.

“There must have been a ward that didn’t report a missing person.”

She says the smell was still very strong when using the lifts on hot summer’s days.

Steve Mabona, spokesperson of the Gauteng department of health, confirmed the incident but said it remained unclear whether the deceased had been a patient in the hospital.

“The police is still investigating the matter and their forensics team are trying to determine the person’s identity.”

Mabona said health department officials who went to investigate reports of smells at the hospital on Wednesday didn’t pick up odours or other traces left by the gruesome discovery earlier this year.

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