The show must go on! Demi Lovato sings through a major respiratory infection

By admin
13 March 2014

Demi Lovato sought medical help the past Tuesday after she began coughing up blood and she's now revealed she's battling a respiratory infection.

The Heart Attack hitmaker posted a screen shot on her Twitter account of a text conversation between her and a friend, where she revealed she had been spitting blood.

However, after her fans became increasingly worried about her health. She wrote: "For all of you that are worried, I saw a doctor and it's just a respiratory infection."  

Earlier in the day, Demi took to Twitter to announce that she was feeling sick, but she was determined not to cancel her show.

She wrote: "The last thing I would EVER want to do is cancel a show, with that being said I'm super sick tonight so it may not be my best show BUT I'm SO excited to perform for you guys but I may need you to sing most of the show for me!!! Hahaha (sic)".  

Despite battling with the illness, the concert in Long Island appeared to be a success. She tweeted after the show: "I love you guys so much!!!! Thank you Long Island for an incredible night.. Soooo fun even when I'm sick!!! #NEONLIGHTSTOUR (sic)".  

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