The shows you can't afford to miss this weekend

By Kirstin Buick
20 September 2013

A comedian chats to Benedict Cumberbatch, a movie that’s so bad it’s good, and all the drama and glamour from this year’s Emmy Awards – we have the weekends best TV picks all laid out for you

Alan Carr: Chatty Man ? Friday, 10.30 pm (SABC3)

Talk shows are so much better when the host is a comedian and British talk shows seem more relaxed than the US ones. Sadly this season, five, was recorded in 2011 (terribly old, SABC3) but Benedict Cumberbatch is on. It will be interesting to see him before the success of the latest Star Trek movie but in the middle of the success of his British series Sherlock.

Singapore Grand Prix ? Saturday, from 1.30 pm (SuperSport 6, channel 206)

The controversial “Singapore Sling” chicane is gone this year, which I’m relieved about. My heart would stop whenever the drivers went around that corner as I feared a spectacular crash. It’s now a simple corner which means lap times will improve, and, don’t take my word for it, Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso said on Twitter recently it’s about one second faster.

Sharknado ? Saturday, 9.15 pm (Studio Universal, channel 112)

First, full disclosure: Sharknado is bad; it’s really bad but it’s the movie to watch this weekend. A movie well on its way to cult status, so bad it’s awesome. It stars Ian Ziering (remember him? Steve in Beverly Hills 90210, the original version) and American Pie’s Tara Reid, as Fin and April, a couple caught up in a freak tornado that scoops up man-eating sharks and rains them down on people. Yup, ridiculous, and that’s not the worst part: Fin fights the sharks with a shotgun and a chainsaw! I know you’re convinced and don’t need any more persuasion but just in case, here’s the trailer. Try to keep a straight face:

Live from the Red Carpet: Primetime Emmy Awards ? Monday, midnight (E!, channel 124)

Before the Emmys check out the fashion as the stars walk the red carpet and stop to talk to host Ryan Seacrest. Interestingly, Cat Deeley, host of So You Think You Can Dance, told US People magazine it’s “boiling hot, you’re doing this slow shuffle along the carpet. It’s absolute mayhem and all you want to do is have a margarita in a bikini poolside”. So tune in and watch them sweat.

Emmys live ? Monday, 2 am and repeated at 8.30 pm (M-Net)

It’s the Emmy Awards and I never miss it because I love TV and this awards show is about everything TV. I love watching the nominee trailers and listening to the speeches. But those trailers also stress me out as they remind me of shows I’ve fallen behind on and why the PVR is constantly 90 per cent full. But watch it I must!

-Natalie Cavernelis

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