The story behind this beautiful photo is absolutely heartbreaking

By Petrus Malherbe
17 June 2016

This image of little Aubrey Alvarez fast asleep in her dad's motorcycle gloves is generating sympathy worldwide.

The newborn baby girl is asleep with her head resting on a black motorcycle glove. Behind her a motor cycle helmet is visible.

It's an adorable photograph – but it’s the story behind the photo that’s generating sympathy worldwide.

Little Aubrey Alvarez’ father, Hector, was tragically shot dead just a few weeks before his daughter’s birth.

Hector was an adventurous 25-year-old and a keen motorcyclist. He and his fiancee, Kathryn Williams, regularly went on rides together.

But everything changed in April this year when Hector was killed in a shooting in Florida. He and Kathryn had planned to marry a week before Aubrey was born.

Hector and Kathryn. PHOTO: GoFundMe Hector and Kathryn. PHOTO: GoFundMe

Because Hector and Kathryn weren’t married when he was shot, she’s not his widow and doesn’t qualify for financial support from his estate.

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In an attempt to raise funds for baby Aubrey her family have set up a GoFundMe page.

"He (Hector) was eagerly and proudly looking forward to the changes in his near future when he became both husband and father," the page explains.

Little Aubrey never got to meet her dad. PHOTO: GoFundMe In an attempt to raise funds for baby Aubrey her family have set up a GoFundMe page. PHOTO: GoFundMe

"He always wore protective gear when riding his bikes for he was insistent on safety and setting the proper example."

According to Yahoo News, "Someone he considered a friend took Hector’s life."

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Sources:, Yahoo News

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