The story behind this photo will melt your heart

By Samantha Luiz
12 October 2015

A touching photo of a police officer comforting a baby after a multi-vehicle crash in Alabama has gone viral.

The highway crash involved an ambulance, a truck and three other vehicles. Deputies Tim Sanford and Ric Lindley were the first two cops on the scene.
'I wanted to give her mother time to regain her composure'

And that’s when Ric (60) noticed a “traumatized” woman getting out of her car a short distance from the scene of the crash. She was carrying a small baby in her arms.

Rick then asked to hold the baby, who he said “had a very sweet little personality.”

“I held her for a good while, at least an hour and a half. I wanted to give her mother time to regain her composure. She’s a young mother, and this was probably extremely traumatic for her,” said the deputy.

The photo, which was taken by Deputy Sanford, has since been shared more than 9000 times on Facebook.

No serious injuries were reported.


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