The strange reason why Iggy's fiancé changed their anniversary date

The couple have been together since November 2013 and announced their engagement in June this year. Despite being totally loved up, there are certain things basketball player Nick won't compromise on. "Did you know its basically two years that ive been with this goofball @NickSwagyPYoung ," she announced on Twitter.

"but he made us change our anniversary because of the mayweather fight.
"i would be offeneded, but we are getting married soon so then the day will change again anyhow. (sic)"
It's not yet known when that new date will be but for now, it looks like Iggy will have to play second fiddle to Floyd Mayweather. And she's got the task of wedding planning to focus on at the moment, with Nick recently admitting he's only organising the food for their big day. The native Australian will do everything else herself, including picking the venue.

She hasn't let on where they will be getting hitched, but did say it wouldn't be in her native Oz and rather in Nick's home, the US.

"He's got a large family and mine is quite small so it's easier to shift them all over here," she explained to host Richard Wilkins on Australia's The Today Show.

"I did think of it, it would be nice to have a wedding in Australia [but] it's not a possibility."

It's also known that Iggy's close pal and fellow musician Demi Lovato will act as bridesmaid at the ceremony.

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